Our Story

 Symbolizing the boundless charm of fantasy, The Pink Elephant brings to life a world of imagination and creativity. Specialising in adorable luxurious night suit sets we want to make sure that you sleep in style and wake up to the special sense of adventure that essentially exists within you.
With a keen eye for detail and a lot of love and affection, our collection offers you all the comfort and luxury you could possibly need. As nightwear is no less important than any other apparel, we spend a lot of time evaluating the quality of our products to make certain that each item is sewn with precision and fashioned to perfection. We also provide you with fine natural fabrics with our own unique prints & designs that are then transformed into fabulous night sets
especially for you.
We believe in self-love so we want you to love yourself and snuggle up in our Sleepwear...
Team The Pink Elephant